Q: What type of work does deckresurf specialize in?

A: Our main focus is improving and extending the life of your dock and deck surfaces utilizing ACRYFIN® coatings atop wood and concrete. We also offer pressure washing, painting, paver sealing, and other services.

Q: How does the price of resurfacing deck boards with ACRYFIN® compare to the cost of replacing deck boards?

A: Depending on the cost of lumber and labor, resurfacing your boards with ACRYFIN® offers significant savings as it is only 20% to 25% of the total cost of re-decking. We offer free site visits with estimates - simply fill out a contact form on our website or dial 772-212-0790 to speak with our friendly staff.

Q: How long does ACRYFIN® last?

A: ACRYFIN® extends the life of your decking boards by blocking the aging effects of the sun, and deckresurf offers a 10 year warranty with our installation. It will last even longer on some surfaces like private residences that don't see a lot of traffic. A “service" coat can be added on top of the existing coat whenever the customer requests extending the surface even longer.

Q: What are the benefits of resurfacing with ACRYFIN® coatings?

A: ACRYFIN® coatings block the aging effects of the sun, lock down splinters, and create a slip resistant texture to your dock or deck. The coating fills in all the cracks and comes in any color you choose resulting in a surface that is more pleasant to experience and look at as well as easier to clean.

Q: Can you also coat the handrails and vertical surfaces like band boards?

A: Yes, some customers prefer to have they handrails, pickets (balusters), and band boards painted as an aesthetic preference.

Q: How long does the application process take and what is involved?

A: Depending on the size of your dock or deck and the weather patterns, we typically prep the surface in one day (pressure wash, etc.) and return to coat the surfaces, which can take as little as 1 day and usually less than 5 days. After properly cleaning the surface, we will apply our Primer, 2 coats of our Resin in your choice of color, followed by our UV Sealer coat.

A: Three to Four days, however it cures enough for foot traffic within a few hours.

Q: How is ACRYFIN® different than products found in stores?

A: ACRYFIN® is an industrial-grade product developed with more polymers than competitive products. Our formulas have more resin and fluorine than competitive products. The material is formulated specifically to address problems associated with outdoor wood coatings and concrete coatings in hostile environments. Also, our Primer provides a superior bond to the substrate. We take moisture readings, inspect the substrate, and monitor weather conditions to assure customers of the best deck paint coating on the market.